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We’re the people who linger at the front of the stage when the show is over, or who try to make friends with the sound guy before the show begins. We’re the music fans looking to score a set list from the show. And, to judge from the jostling I’ve seen at recent shows, our numbers are growing.

A set list is a great memento of a night’s music. Here’s where the band decides what songs they’re going to play. Not all bands use ‘em, not all acts follow them slavishly - and that’s part of the fun. To see which songs made the first cut and which ones got heard.

Collecting them is fun, but sharing them is better....

Welcome to the SET LIST SIte
(updateD 1-25-2017)
Tom Petty
Set lists are the best souvenir you can get at a show.
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Here’s the deal:
Well, it’s a new year and, I’ll admit, the WGP team is still in recovery from some tough new changes, in our own little world and in the bigger one out there.
But music is our healing method of choice, so be sure to visit often and gaze upon the latest lists purloined for the people!