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Rufus Wainwright

Rufus was in fine spirits on this beautiful summer night - a new father (he dedicated “Montauk” to his daughter), engaged to be married and decked out in rock star garb, reminiscent of the Kinks’ Ray Davies. The show opened with “Candles” performed in total darkness but for a few electric candles. After performing “Rachida,” he threw a curveball to the roadie who walked to center stage to hand him a guitar. Instead of going into “April Fools,” he added in a performance of “Barbara” from his new album.

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@ Wolf trap filene center              7-24-2012

(Krystle Song) marks the spot where Rufus left the stage and let one of his back-up singers perform a song, accompanied only by a pianist,
 that she’s recorded for an upcoming tribute album to his mother, Kate McGarrigle.
After a few references to the venue’s curfew (shows generally need to end by 11pm), Rufus did a brief encore not listed- the fan favorite, “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk.” Here’s a video taste...
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