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Rolling Stones

copyright© mariannemeyer, 2012

@ Amsterdam                                                        7-6-1998 
@ LIttle rock, AK                                                 3-9-2006

I have to break with format here, as I’ve never personally had the chance to shoot the Stones in concert. The photos here are vintage (late 70’s) shots by an old college pal of mine (David, if you see this, get in touch!).

As you would expect in a stadium show by one of the world’s biggest bands, the set list is a pretty formal affair and yet, you can see where two songs were swapped for the 2006 Little Rock show.

Note: Song #10 - “Fool To Cry”-  is marked “Web-Site Song.” On the “Bridges to Babylon” tour, the Stones solicited an audience request each night online.