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priscilla  ahn
@ the hamilton live                                                            5-3-2014

copyright© mariannemeyer, 2014

Priscilla Ahn’s set list included almost all of the songs from her most recent album, “This Is Where We Are.”  As you can see from the list above, she also listed a number of tunes (below a line) that could be pulled into the show. “Torch Song” (dedicated to Lindsay and Tom”) made the cut, as did “Wallflower” and “Masters in China” (penciled in). The list posted is a photo-copy given to me by a guy who took Ahn’s list from the stage. When I spoke to keyboard-/guitar-/vocalist Wendy Wang after the show, she was upset that the list was gone. “We only have two!” she complained and was looking to get the purloined paper back. Lesson learned - while most artists don’t care what happens to their set lists when the show’s over, not all consider them disposable.
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