Pearl jam
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@ RFK STADIUM, Tibetan freedom concert, DC

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Pearl Jam prides itself on making each concert a unique experience, so no two set lists are alike. Eddie Vedder’s hand-written set lists have adorned officially-released CD “bootlegs” and even the back of an official Pearl Jam T-shirt.

The group’s official web site has a set lists section where fans can view the song lists (but not, alas, the hand-written lists) from just about every show the band has ever played.

BTW, while the photos were taken at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in DC (the one that was disrupted by lightning strikes), the set list is from another show for which I don’t have an exact date.

Eddie Vedder photo notes: look closely in the shot above and you can see that he wears Calvin Klein underwear.

In the shot to the right, he’s doing the classic no-handkerchief nose-blowing move.