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Matt Butcher/MBSB
@ the Treehouse lounge                                             8-30-2014

copyright© mariannemeyer, 2014

Not my best photos, alas, but Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard Band is a group worth seeing however you get the chance. Though now based in Nashville, Matt Butcher is originally from England, and the trio has a Jam-like accent to its otherwise Petty-esque, rootsy rock.
About half of the song titles on the set list at left respond to tracks on the band’s fine debut album, “The Kids are Gone.” Reading down, they are (non-bolded) Romeo, Shadows, Messin, Sun, The Kids Are Gone, Tripping Over the Stars, Night, Rain, Sucker, Will To Be Weird, My Guitar.  The bolded titles? In an mail, Matt explained: “The songs in bold are new tunes that have not been recorded yet. We hope to make another album next year. The full titles are "Hold Back the Sun," "Out in the Night," "Let the Rain," "Messin Around," and "Sucker or a Lover." 
He added: “I write the set list for the tour. We usually stick to the same list for a tour and switch out a couple tunes a night.”
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