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Mark Mulcahy
@ SIxth & I Synagogue downstairs                   3-8-2014

copyright© mariannemeyer, 2014


A true cult favorite, Mark Mulcahy delighted a full house at Sixth & I Synagogue’s downstairs venue with a set that pulled from his Miracle Legion and Polaris days as well as plenty of goodies from his solo albums.

The song titles on the left side of the list are pretty much 
the set as he played it, with the addition of “We’re Not in Charleston Anymore” before “Fireflies.” The list on the 
right appear to be possible encore tunes, from which he did “Snacks and Candy” and “The Rabbit,” but not 
before treating the audience to a playful children’s tune, “Cottleston Pie.”
   In the quiet space between songs, a few people called out requests but he gently rebuked them, explaining (I 
paraphrase), “I spent hours driving here and had plenty of 
time to think about what to play. I know what I’m doing.”