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@ 9:30 Club, DC                                              6-23-2007

Dana Wells (above, photo by Pamela Leahigh) wrote:

At age thirteen, I started a rock band called Lemonface with two other middle school students from the area. By sixteen, we were playing most of the major D.C. venues, including two spots opening for major acts at the illustrious 9:30 Club. While our first show was an ill-advised addition to the Flogging Molly bill (to this day, I'm shocked our little pop act wasn't booed off the stage), the second was a perfect target: we were opening for the sun-and-surf sounds of Rooney. We put together a list of our best songs at the time, and played as well as three scared-shitless kids could ever hope to when playing in front of 700 people (mostly pre-pubescent girls) in the top venue in the area.

As I look back on this set list, a few things are striking to me:

1.) I have absolutely no recollection of what the majority of "Open Up Your Eyes" sounds like.

I vaguely remember the hook, but other than that, it's a blank. 

2.) The fact that an opening act can have a ten song set list is both phenomenal and terrible.

No audience member wants to hear a band they've never heard of play ten straight songs, no matter how good. And the fact that they were all originals wasn't the brightest idea either.

3.) I can't believe we never changed the title of "A" to something more fitting.

I can't tell you about the thought process that went into making this set list since it was four years ago, but I have to assume at least part of it was trying to split up the vocals between myself and the other vocalist.