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The Last BisON
@ SIxth & I Synagogue downstairs                   2-14-2013

copyright© mariannemeyer, 2013

It had to happen - here’s our first set list to be “printed” on an iPhone. I spoke with father-and-son team Dan (R) and Ben Hardesty (L) before the show and they said that singer/songwriter Ben usually writes up the list but, with the opening act already playing, Ben confessed he hadn’t done it yet. When they walked on stage, both placed iPhones at their feet to use as guides for the show. The songs were pulled from the 2011 indie release “Quill” and this year’s “Inheritance” (some appeared on both) and there was a surprise cover - Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” which started as a joke but was a real crowd-pleaser.
Since the iPhone pic’s a little off, here’s a translation:

Tired Hands
Setting Our Tables
Woodcutter’s Son
Watches and Chains
Take All the Time
They Are Filled
River Rhine
Dark Am I