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@ patriot center, VA                                       10-11-2010

The Gorillaz did a great show at the Patriot Center. We had seats right behind the sound board  (that’s our view, at the upper left) which was only an issue when N.E.R.D.’s guy stood up for that set. Luckily, he packed up and left and, by the time Gorrilaz appeared, we could see - and hear, of course! - just fine. And, chatting with the sound dude at intermission, he promised to give me his list after the show - “if you can get back here quickly.” I pointed to my seat, three feet away from him. “No problem.”

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Because there’s a lot of video involved in a Gorillaz show, the set list is pretty much the same from one show to another, although the appearance of guest drop-ins - like Mos Def, who made it to this performance - means slight variations sometimes.