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frank turner

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@ the Fillmore , silver spring, md       8-1-2013

I sent an email to Frank Turner, through his web site, asking about the possibility of getting a set list for this Maryland show. Sure, it was a shot in the dark. But, true to his reputation as a regular, no pretense-type bloke, Turner himself answered within hours, giving the name of his soundman and suggesting I speak to him before the show.

“he'll be at the front of house desk and his doesn't usually get stolen in the scrum. ask him at the start of the gig maybe.

set planning, well, that's an entire discipline really...”

At the risk of pressing my luck, I’ll try another email to ask specifics about this show. Meanwhile, check out Turner’s informative FAQ page to learn why he doesn’t play “Thatcher Fucked the Kids” anymore.

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