@ THE BLACK CAT , DC                                             11-1-2010

copyright© mariannemeyer, 2011


The sound man for Cloud Cult gave me the list at the end of the show. Then, through a happy series of events, I recently (June 2011) got into an email exchange with lead singer/songwriter Craig Minowa, who offered this comment about how he approaches shows:

The process of creating a Cloud Cult setlist is actually pretty long and arduous. I literally spend weeks working on putting together a setlist for a tour. Our goal is to create an experience with the show that has a lot of continuity. I want it to tell its own emotional and spiritual story, and I want the songs to blend with each other as much as possible. If a setlist is put together correctly, I think it can actually serve as medicine. I want the crowd to leave feeling like they've left a load of pain behind and that they have new energy to go back and do decent things with their lives. Of course, that's not small task, so the journey to the perfect setlist is something we'll forever strive for.