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@ SIXTH & I SYNAGOGUE, DC                       7-25-2013

The day before this show, Bombadil bassist/singer Daniel Machalak wrote in an email that, “we don’t usually have setlists,” but there was one near drummer James Philips’ kit at Sixth & I, and Daniel gave it to me at the end of the night.

Daniel wrote again a week later (July 30):

james has a list of all the songs - he usually picks a combination of what he would like to play, what people request that night, 

and what we generally think in the band are the best songs.

the set can change according to the above parameters as well as how long we must play.

we try to always honor song requests if we know the song

we try to have as much variety as possible and play different songs each time we visit a city

hope this helps


Yes it does, Daniel. Yes, it does.

Thanks much!

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